Luxurious wellness products that nourish the Mind, Body & Spirit.


The JOANNA SPRIGGS well-being collection is designed to help continue self-care at home. It was born out of a belief that what we breathe in the air around us & put on our skin, is equally as important as our nutrition.

Using her expertise in the area of hormonal health & harnessing the power of botanicals, Joanna designed this 100% natural, incredible smelling collection, to support, balance & improve mental health & well-being. 

Six beautiful scents to choose from & all designed to compliment a women’s infradian rhythm (the bodies changing hormones over a month)….The bullet points at the bottom of each product cleverly advise when in your hormonal cycle you would most benefit from the scent combinations.

The essential oils in the products are so pure, meaning the melted soy wax can even be used therapeutically on the skin.

'Natural & sustainable' underpins everything Joanna does, from the  ingredients used, through to the recycled materials & recyclable packaging.



Self-care is not self-indulgence, it’s self-preservation