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Pure essential oils of: Rose Geranium, Patchouli & Cedarwood


Inspired by botanicals & their well-being benefits, the natural rebalance range contains balancing rose geranium, soothing patchouli & grounding cedarwood to produce a wonderful, feminine scent.


Rose Geranium is both comforting & nourishing & has been used for years to help support a healthy menstrual cycle & stabilise mood.


Natural oils and the way in which they are blended add true benefits to your well-being. This curated collection of incredible scent combinations has been carefully chosen to enhance each stage of a woman’s cycle.


(1) Menstruation- Menopause

(2) Follicular phase

(3) Ovulation

(4) Luteal phase



REBALANCE  is perfect for anyone needing hormonal support:

PMT, Pregnancy, Post-natal, Peri-menopause



Carefully created in Henley on Thames & hand-poured by experts in the beautiful British countryside of the Cotswold.


Natural & sustainable sits at the very heart of the collection with only 100% natural ingredients used - including recyclable glass, bamboo reeds, cotton core wicks & all recycled packaging.


Joanna Loves…..this REBALANCE collection for its powerful, balancing and strengthening properties. Rose represents feminine strength and this beautiful floral scent delivers just that. Always a favourite in clinic…



** Absolutely no nasties – free from Palm Oil, Beeswax, Parrafin, Polymers & GMO materials **



rebalance: Hormone Balancing | Diffuser


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