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Facial Reflexology and advanced lifting techniques.

THE natural way to age well

A powerful treatment that 'lifts from the inside' to leave the skin glowing.


Facial Reflexology combines the most effective ancient and modern face-lifting techniques into one rejuvenating treatment.


Dubbed recently by Tatler as “a natural alternative to Botox”, Joanna uses the Bergman Method, derived from traditional Japanese lifting techniques, combined with healing rose quartz Brazilian gua sha and rollers, together with award-winning amethyst-infused facial oil.

Aside from improving sleep, reducing stress, and removing toxins, Facial Reflexology boasts a wealth of beauty benefits. It helps diminish tension, lift and tone the skin, improve fine lines, reduce puffiness and improve circulation.


The treatment uses stimulation of meridian points on the face, by working on the nervous system to stimulate the brain and re-energise areas of the body that are out of balance.


The Approach
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