Baby Reflex

What is Baby Reflex?

Baby Reflex is a wonderful, gentle method of reflexology that parents can give to their own babies aged between one month and twenty four months. The Baby Reflex techniques are the results of 15 years of research into the adaptation of reflexology for use on young children.

How can it help my baby?

Baby Reflex is designed to try and help ease the symptoms of many common ailments and help aid sleep patterns.  Baby Reflex is quick and easy – all you need to do is take off your baby’s socks. There are no oils or powders used – this means it’s fuss free and perfect when you are out and about.

  • By gently massaging the feet, you are reinforcing the loving bond between parent and child.
  • Baby Reflex empowers the parent to try and help ease their babies discomfort; from digestive problems (reflux, colic, constipation), coughs and colds, to teething pains.
  • Baby Reflex is a great immune booster and helps fight infection.
  • Baby Reflex helps improve sleep patterns and encourages a feeling of deep relaxation.
  • It’s a lovely therapy that can be incorporated into a bedtime routine.
  • Once learnt, you will have the skills for life! Amazing investment to treat your whole family.

If you suspect your child may be ill, always consult your physician.  Reflexology is not a substitute for medical care.

How is it taught?

The course consists of 3 x one hour sessions (or 2 x 90 min sessions), each focussing on a different topic. Joanna teaches individual parents and also to small groups* – ideal for NCT groups. Discounts offered for group sessions. All parents are given easy to follow diagrams and wallet sized cards, to help you remember what you learn!

  • Feeding and Digesting
  • Sleeping/Comforting
  • Wellbeing

* no extra charge for twins!!


“I absolutely loved learning the baby reflex techniques that Joanna taught me. It’s something my baby and I both really look forward to everyday. It made such a difference to Ottilie’s sleeping and really helped with her reflux. I’d recommend this course to any new mums out there” C Pink (Director)